Time:  2011. 05. 24 

Place:  Turkey

People:  Xu Gang, Bailong

Project Location:  1st Floor, Hongfa Building, Tianhe South 2nd Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Element:  Coffee drinks

Building Area:  120 ㎡

Design Brand:  Infinity Mind

Design Period:  April - May, 2017

Construction Period:  May - June, 2017

Lighting Design:  Infinity Mind

Furniture Design:  BENTU

Material Supply:  BENTU

Talking about the definition of China's bustling commercial environment in recent decades, either the mode of traditional retail or the mode of new retail, the economic and technological means keep changing, but never the most fundamental thing, psychological need of human. For a modern tea shop like MOLE CHHA, being adaptive isn't about creating the so-called new mode, but returning to the consumption that follows our hearts, what the mode of new retail is all about.

Entering the large black door opening, a terrazzo rectangular bar is surrounded by the dim concrete walls. People within may sit or stand, observe or talk, think alone or chat up, the freewheeling interaction is free from restrictions of surroundings and furniture.

Ordering, tea making and picking up the drinks are all finished in the terrazzo rectangular bar, the aisles around it are the main activity spaces for customers. The one-way design guides customers to complete the process of consumption, meanwhile experiencing the social lightness. The inclined gray concrete wall and ceiling formed invisible thrust under the beam of light, pushing forward customers to walk through the aisles.

While walking down the aisles, intense visual contrast of blue terrazzo and gray concrete strikes everywhere and brass accessories make the whole room more delicate.

Freedom and individuality are human nature, however, people have already become numb and compromised under the marketing with shallow slogans. As a modern tea shop, how to awaken people's freedom and individuality by deeply participating in their lives and blending in modern lifestyle. It is truly the innovation that changing social concepts while constantly questioning and making attempts.

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