Material is the carrier of thoughts, exists in the material world, and helps to form the autonomy of the exterior and ideas, and endows the material with a special power to affect human behavior. 

How would we explore the perfection of human nature through materials in the increasingly fragmented and secular world?

Bentu’s searches for the material explore the roots and unearth the qualities in demand. Formally clean and straightforward, taking out all unnecessary component, that is, in fact, a return to functionality and pursuit for freedom. Behind the form and functionality, it lies the affection for the equality of all things. The raw material, technique, and culture in making things are regardless of their values. Where attention is paid, the value of mud would the same as diamond. Demanding something from anything matter in this world should be done with appreciation, it's not a matter of superiority, but suitability, either for a plant for a handful of earth, taking an experimental approach to explore the possibility of industrial production, and allow it to radiate in glory and spirit. 

Materials have their own souls. What we need to do is to think about them perseveringly. In contemporary context, to meet contemporary needs, to explore, adjust, and give it a contemporary temperament. A material can keep its vitality, not because of itself, but because of people who can give it vitality.

Material, a world without lies.

"Coagulation as a means; design as a medium; production as an aid". To reshape the waste material into its form and function, and to awaken the form regeneration in the physical sensory level.
Metal recasting
Being busy running around the collecting and distributing center of the processing industry in the Yangtze River Delta area and because of working on the accessories processing, we have a indepth contact with the practitioners in the aluminum processing industry.
Waste material recycling
Waste materials, as the residue at the end of production, also have new possibilities of recycling. It is also a cohesive reflection on the industrial production system.
Originated from concrete
Simple things are hidden under simplicity. In the process of promoting world integration, there is an important material, cement, a simple and ancient material that spreads across the corners of the earth.