Life Series -

The Furniture Experiment of Saving Land Resources

Death does not necessarily do us part.

We are living, in the meantime, we are dying.

We come to earth alive, and back to earth when we are dead. Death is the destination where everyone will arrive.

In modern life, people always say they don’t afraid of death, but when it come to real discussion, they avoid talking death, they respect it, but with fear.

The mortality rate in China is increasing due to the aggravated aging issue. 9 million of life end every year. How many more years could we bury our beloved in these limited lands? Facing to the scarce land resources, building of graveyards lack concept of ecological balance. Moreover, the high cost of grave is a heavy burden to the living relatives. To live is already difficult, why don’t we make the death more ease?

Thus, we bring up a nice idea that let the bone ash of people and pets go into daily life by releasing land resources and eliminating the need of graves. We should be considerate to the living and circulate the death. Missing infiltrate into everyday touch, bone ash blend in the circulation of object to object. When the law of life in universe come to a conservation, it is completion then. 

Bentu Design is in action, begin with the respect to living and concern for death, begin with the life of pet. The life series rescues the missing from the boundless lost, making the life continued in time.

We take advantage of hologram and make the photos of pet presented on the products. With the two dimensional code technique, the product can be connected to internet platform, then share the solace and remove your sorrow. Inside the product, we can insert a sensor and chip, which will make some voice of your pet came out of the product when touch it.

Life Series – Side Table

I miss you, in a most treasure way. You are not a specimen, not a casket or a distant grave. I want to take you home, like I always do. You hold a utensil every day, and I touch you every day, we are close as before. You are still by my side, never go far away from me. In this way, you are more meaningful than the casket.

Life Series – Plant Pot

Carrying the vitality in a still utensil, the pass life continue in daily life. In my memory, you are always full of energy and positive;and now, you grow the green life. I water you with my beautiful hope every time. I wish you are forever lively.

Life Series – Clock

My dear friend is gone, will it be a specimen? When the second hand start ticking, the boundary is broken. Last second, this second, next second; the past, the moment, the future. The pass life go into the normal life again.

The pets were the important part of people’s life and now they become the element of your life, the sweetie is back. Peace or sorrow, lonely or miss, they always by your side like usual. From voice to image, from graphic to multidimension, give your pet a warm home and be together forever. Death is not an end, but another beginning!

To treat death in a normalized and smart way is a inevitable trend in future! We want to give it a try though it’s hard to accept it for people at the current stage. A team should not focus on the business only. The value of life and the society situation are worth thinking about. Bentu Design always keep doing experimental and prospective research on product development. Beside the business profit, we insist on concerning human society.

As long as it’s of benefit to human society, we will make every effort to achieve it even though we need to give up some profit. We are going to so some “silly” things!

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