X20 / 2020

Wireless Charge · X20 

Material: Concrete, Demolition Leftover Concrete, Powder Coated Steel 

Size: 91×91×10 mm 

Weight: 200 g 

Accessory Colour: Gray

Charging power: 5 / 7.5 / 10 W

Input parameters: 5V=2A / 9V=1.6A

Input Connector: TYPE-C

Cable length : 1 m

Following the release of the terrazzo version of the X10 wireless charger by Local Creation in 2019, we have optimized and upgraded all aspects from production to design and performance with a brand new version for 2020 - X20 Concrete One-Piece Wireless Charger. Made of clear concrete in one piece and stripped, X20 is a wireless charging device with a subtle blend of precision and ruggedness. As microelectronics technology has evolved in recent decades, electronics have iterated through plastic, metal and other highly malleable materials with unique performance advantages, with the overall look approaching a standard form of ultimate perfection and moderation. The X20 wireless charger is clearly a far cry from traditional electronics, and while considering the core functional requirements and usage details of a wireless charger, the X20 does its best to maintain its rough, imperfect, and extremely realistic concrete originality.

The pore texture of concrete is preserved, and the grandeur of concrete as a building material is miniature and natural on a small product.

In the small electronic design, the tiny chamfered edges and the crossed silicone pads are set with the utmost care and attention to detail for everyday use.

The grey concrete wraps around the circuit board, leaving only the sensor light and the connector openings, allowing the air holes to spread naturally across the small, thin body. It seems that all complexity is concealed, all confusion is overcome by truth, and all solidity is made constant. As the "almost distorted standards" made of metal and plastic are pieced together in our electronic everyday life, the X20 seems to bring a surreal sense of contradiction - a strong rebellion against the banalities of the machine age and a rebellious imagination that is at odds with the reality of the world. A realism that is alien to the world, and which makes the blood boil.

The pure grey texture blends naturally with the cluttered environment and the unique robustness and longevity of concrete makes it timeless.

Concrete as a shell provides excellent insulation and protection against spontaneous combustion, while the 7 safety features of the built-in chip further enhance the safety of the product.

Delicately laid out in a grey sleeve with progressive black sponge material, the X20's ritualistic gift box packaging is a wonderful contrast to the roughness of the concrete. In the development of the X20, Local Creations adjusted the original production process to produce a one-piece grout casting resulting in a clean surface with no superfluous closing details, minus the induction light and junction ports. In a relentless process of optimisation, the overall product has been thinned and reduced in weight, while achieving efficient production and reduced energy consumption.


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