Bentu is an independent design brand founded in 2011. We're engaged in product design and innovation, combining design with manufacture. We're an experimental, explorative, and cross-over team. Based on our design, we make products that meet our daily need. Through a series of experiments and exploration, we make each material return to its nature by revealing its original texture. 

In innate character, Bentu reverts to demand, close to indigenous culture; in outer form, the so-called international design is, free from all the unnecessary, pursuing unrestrained styles and returning the emphasis function.

Hiding behind the form and the function is the equal care for all—all the raw materials, techniques and cultures that make up things. There is no disparity between nobleness and lowliness, costliness and cheapness, and treasures and trashes. Devoting oneself to design will make the mud as priceless as the diamond. Everything asked for from the world should be cherished. There is no the best, but only the fittest. Either a straw or a handful of mud will glow if designed.

BENTU focuses on R&D, design, production, sales and promotion of products. Our products include lighting, indoor and outdoor furniture, wall decors and accessories. Bentu’s products meet international standards, and are of original design and high quality. Most products are certified to CCC, PSE, CE, ROHS2.0, SAA, C-TICK, FCC and IC. We have our own IPR and more than 200 patents. 

Xu Gang

Founder and design director of "BENTU DESIGN", "NONGZAO" and "BUZAO" brands.

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