The OCEAN GUARDIAN is intended to use an exhibition to highlight the rise in product awareness and to warn mankind of the need to protect the sea with a single concept and a single practice.
Protection of Yangtze River - Exhibition of Sustainable Practic is an art event to share knowledge and action seeking continuous improvement, upholding the rights of humanity and nature, and recognising the interdependence of the world in healthy, diverse and sustainable conditions.
"The CMF Trend LAB - Imbalance Sense Lab" extends into three directions. Post-Epidemic Health" based on the background of the current global pandemic, "Diet Innovation" to explore the development of technology and food sustainability, and "Carbon Neutral" to echo the national roadmap for green transformation. "
BENTU design was invited to participate in the theme exhibition "Design vitalizes the city the future" at Hebei International Industrial Design Week. With reflections and reminders from the design practice process, can sustainable design provide a possibility in the future urban renewal?
At the 2022 West Bund Art & Design, industrial designer Jamy Yang presents an exhibition titled "Digital Existentialism 2022", which provides insight and discussion on the relationship between people, objects and nature in the digital age from the perspective of design.
In December 2021, BENTU design was invited to join hands with "BUSHES" and "Z/S STUDIO" in Chengdu to present the thinking and practice around resource regeneration in an exhibition at the "Old Reform Site" on Yulin West Road in Chengdu.
In July 2021, BENTU design launched an exhibition titled "The Shape Of Matters · Remold · Habitation" at the "MoW Museum of Uselessness" in Changsha City, where the results of our exploration of different materials and waste recycling experiments were presented in various stages around "Residence" and "Place".
Golden Cage -- a metaphorical term that projects social context and life realities.It symbolises a narrow, though impervious, realm of limitations. Can be under any situation, difficult small choice and situation.The exhibition is held at Romano House in Tel Aviv, Israel. Formerly the offices of the historic State Tax Office, it has evolved into an integrated space for commercial consumption, lifestyle and art and culture.
CMF Trend LAB is the first theme exhibition of CIFF focusing on CMF trends and multi-dimensional research on home design trends, and it is also a designer exchange and seminar event created by CIFF "Design" Communication Circle in 2021.
"BENTU design", "BUZAO" and "NONGZAO" 2021 Design Spring Brand Joint Group Exhibition
Shenzhen Creative Week 2021, IMG Comfort Norway and Daibei Huiketing jointly organised the exhibition “1㎡ Space of Books”. The exhibition is defined as a space for dialogue with the self, and behaviour of reading is extended to the full range of life as a way of looking at the world and the self.The spatial organization of the exhibition begins with the choice of materials - an architectural installation made from recycled packaging wood planks, with ten small spaces enclosed in a miniature community or neighbourhood, symbolising that each person has their own space to be alone.