1㎡ Space of Books

Client:  IMG Comfort

Project Location:  Booth 8B09A, Shenzhen Creative Week 2021, Shenzhen World (Baoan New Hall), No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Element:  Exhibition

Building Area:  136 ㎡

Design Brand:  Infinity Mind

Construction team:  Guangzhou Shangyu Exhibition Design&Plan Co., Ltd

Design Period:  February, 2021

Construction Period:  March, 2021

Photograph:  LI Quan, WU Ruimin, ZHONG Zhuchu, CHEN Yushuo

Text:  XU Gang, DAI Bei

Translation:  TAN Yatu

Everyone has a coordinate in their heart. The coordinates we delineate are of physical space, and are embodied as spiritual pointers though they are rather narrow and small. Gang Xu, the curator

A square metre beneath your feet is every square metre of the world. Every square metre you walk or stop on is the presence of your life. In “1㎡ Space of Books” exhibition, every square metre has its own shape and expression. Bei Dai, the curator

Shenzhen Creative Week 2021, IMG Comfort Norway and Daibei Huiketing jointly organised the exhibition “1㎡ Space of Books”. The exhibition is defined as a space for dialogue with the self, and behaviour of reading is extended to the full range of life as a way of looking at the world and the self.

Reading is a way to spend time with oneself, and referring to this open topic, design requires the idea of living, not the idea of designing. The term "1㎡" is not a real concept of 1㎡ in size, but a definition of a small space to be with oneself. It is true that the space for solitude does not need to be large, and that flipping around in the limited space makes it wide, rich and interesting. Through the "1㎡ Space of Books", the visitors can find a way to talk to themselves, to perceive themselves and to connect to the world linked by small spaces, reflecting their spirit through objects.

Real life is the life of each individual and it must have a certain warmth. The spatial organization of the exhibition begins with the choice of materials - an architectural installation made from recycled packaging wood planks, with ten small spaces enclosed in a miniature community or neighbourhood, symbolising that each person has their own space to be alone. The wood is alive and gives a sense of intimacy and comfort, which is needed in a solitary "reading" space.

Packaging wood as recyclable material applying in the space also reflects our mission to alleviate the waste and pollution problem caused by consumerism.


In addition, the packaging wood itself is also a symbol of protection and stability in circulation, and recycled packaging wood leaves many imprints on it, a message that is equally readable and evocative. The exhibition is defined as a space for dialogue with the self, and the behaviour of reading is extended to the full range of life as a way of exploring the world and the self.

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