Project Location:  1F, Grandview Young Plaza, Chengmentou Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Element:  Tea shop

Building Area:  68 ㎡

Design Brand:  Infinity Mind

Design Period:  November, 2017

Construction Period:  November - December, 2017

Lighting Design:  INFINITY MIND

Material Supply, Furniture:  BENTU

Photograph:  Cao Haochang

Text:  Liu Jiaqi

The network of virtual age is being woven in the last corners of the world. No matter in the world or China, the old business era has passed and products and brands of incalculable categories and quantities have flown freely over the network, left only one last thing that can't be traded online, authentic heart-to-heart communication. Even the Internet has addressed the need for instant communication, people still instinctively yearn for real-live social contact.

MOLE CHHA is a dome tea shop crammed into a traditional business community as well as a social space that attracts trendy young people in the city. Only aluminum and concrete are used as materials. Without changing the original walls, a giant egg is directly built in space. Round area is like bullseye in shooting that attracts the visual focus, also like a city square that welcomes sociable people. The walls in gradient red are circular and oblique which create a sense of security and separate the social area and tea-making area. The circular integral concrete chair draws closer the distance between people sitting around. Four-meter long brass lights sublimate the space into a giant art installation and leads people to the outdoor social space across the giant egg as they are set interlaced from the top.

MOLE CHHA will not be the last experiment to explore. Before the technology flooding alienates us, what else can business do to provide a real social experience that makes the interaction between people more lively and interesting?

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