2023 Shenzhen International Urban Furniture Art Season

Improving urban quality and shaping urban culture through the beauty of public art has become an important part of current urban development. Throughout the development of global city, public art is enriching the internal structure of cities and leading the urban culture in a new way. When public art enters people's daily lives, it opens up a spiritual home outside of buildings.

In the spring when all things grow, we invite you to embark on a wonderful journey about "urban furniture". Come and sit down for the 2023 Shenzhen International Urban Furniture Art Season.Strolling along the central axis, the soul inhabits the oasis. In the flowing scenery, in front of furniture art works, stop, observe, and interact, allowing the tense body and mind to rest and find the freedom and relaxation that have been separated for a long time.



Installation art has become one of the new trends in current aesthetic trends. Is it possible for concrete, as a building material element, to participate in the shaping of artistic installations and the creation of venue atmosphere? Using design as a medium and coagulation as a means, the fusion of aggregates such as fly ash, waste ceramics, and recycled beer bottles conveys the goodness and beauty of sustainable design through the true transformation of waste materials. By utilizing diverse and malleable colors, patterns, and shapes, the diverse atmosphere of contemporary outdoor scenes is transformed, providing the possibility for concrete to stay in more space.

As a whole, “π” The ingenious piece contact design can secondary create a unique shape that is close to the scene and stimulate a dialogue with the urban public space. In terms of details, “π” Form a standard trapezoid with the ground, with a stable mechanical structure, waiting to provide convenience for pedestrians to rest at any time. Green shade stacked in layers, with light and shadow intertwined, creating a balance of order and beauty, functionality and artistry in aesthetics.


Design culture is a field that coordinates the relationship between people, things, and the environment. However, how to make the design fit people's inner needs and bring surprises that are close to the essence of life? Circle a repose area in a crowded public area. Jump out of daily trivialities, stop the endless external distractions, and return to the tranquility of nature. Refocus on the beliefs in your heart, experience the growth and passage of life in detail.

Material regeneration is the most profound humanistic concern. Bentu Design uses concrete materials, combined with fly ash, abandoned shells, oyster shells and other solid wastes, to re code, stack and merge, forming a mixed paradigm.Blending and symbiosis, generating association and resonance through functional carriers, making disorder and instability produce nonlinear relations, expanding the aesthetic artistic conception with infinite charm. 

The geometric three-dimensional 'Doughnuts' has a dense yet soft touch, retaining a rustic and natural feel. The curve direction accurately adjusted through multiple experiments has restored the advanced level of integrated surface details. The language of the modeling lines is simple and natural, and within the square and circle, it embodies the beauty of geometric art that is warm, round, and integrated. Create a comfortable and relaxed outdoor space through simple combination placement, bringing a surprising impression.


Let art works come out of museums and art galleries, into public spaces, into public life, let culture stir up urban vitality, and provide spiritual nourishment for citizens.


Shenzhen Futian - Central Axis Cloud Gallery

Shenzhen Civic Square South Plaza - South Gate 1, Fuhua Road 1 (South side of South Square section)


April 8, 2023 - June 27, 2023

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