Time: 2016. 08. 20 

Place: Guangzhou

People: Xu Gang, Chen Xingyu, He Liangyu

Let bewildering familiarity impact your heart and allow more useless things to become useful.

What kind of solution can industrial design offer for the excess plastic pipes?

The vigorous urbanization in the past had become history, the changing of direction of the market demand had caused large backlog of plastic pipeline construction materials, which were resulted from the rapid development of last 30 years. New materials had entered the market, but the surplus old construction materials are not properly handled; they are either dumped with low price, or are used as landfill disposal and pollute the land.

Can these useless materials be improved and redesigned to be aesthetics products under new idea?


Recycle series, focuses on the surplus productivity during the process of industrialization. It is not to boast about the environmental protection, it also dose not belong to DIY which has uncertainty of materials, we just want to mass produce industrial aesthetic products using waste materials, to maximize the value and create business interests for the market.

Treating materials with sincerity, we touch, experiment, fail and experiment again with our own hands. We have great enthusiasm and confidence in the upgrading of pipelines, and this became an activity to explore commercial values and environmental benefits.

To let the most common seen pipelines become product parts, no design, simply take it and use it, thinking-subversive. No more reprocessing to the waste materials, concentrate on minimum energy consumption from material acquisition to final products, and make it easy for industrial production at the same time; to gain the maximum economic benefits and industry aesthetic with minimum environmental damage.

Let bewildering familiarity impact your heart and allow more useless things to become useful. 

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