Dung Made

Time: 2016. 07. 21

Place: Guangzhou  Qinghai

People: Xu Gang, Wu Jiacheng

Dung Made - An extreme experimental attempt by Bentu Design, on the Tibet Plateau.

Get surrounded by the heaven and earth at the foot of the holy mountain in Tibet Plateau, a man on the meadow is like a drop in the ocean. All the vanity are vanished in the mighty nature.

There is nothing you could hide amid the firmament above your head and prairie under your feet. The only thing you could face is the nature and your own belief.

The most intuitive connection between human and nature you could feel here is probable yak dung. The land feeds the vegetation and the vegetation feeds yaks, followed by yaks leave the land with their dung. On the land that is short of fuel, yaks has gifted human the tool for fire heating: their excrement. Yaks dung has solved the needs of Tibetans to survive, live and carry out funeral and marriage. The fuel degrades and returns to the nature after burning out.

The ancestors of Tibetans had understood the best way of living with the nature on this plateau long time ago --- between the cycles of life and death, everything is related with the yak dung.

The heavy and the earth of Tibet area has endless charm, human beings can be neglected in that environment; either stunned by the breathtaking beauty, or overwhelmed by the holy spirit, or swallowed by the cruelty, it forces you to have to believe in spirit, to believe in reincarnation; the only thing that can save you is the believe. 

The yak dung brought from the foot of Qinhai Nianqinxiageri Holy Mountain, the seed of hope has started to grow! This is one kind of believe, is the proud of a man living on this land.

Yak Dung starts from the yak dung from the plateau, 80% of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau yak dung (high temperature sterilized), 20% of the catalyst abstracted from the nature ore from Qinghai-Tibet plateau Kunlun Mountain, pure natural and degradable products, come from the nature and finally go back to the nature.


To mass produce furniture using environmental friendly, degradable highland yak dung, is an ultimate attempt for low energy consuming and resource saving. Let recycling become consciousness of daily life; human society and the nature are never opposite, we grow up on this land poetically!

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