A journey in Cologne

Time: 2016. 01. 28

Place: Cologne, Germany

People: BENTU team

Since the tearing-down of Berlin Wall, the globalization has stormed the world; regional cultures and differences among city constructions are being weakened. Therefore, although it is the first time for me to set foot on this foreign land, Cologne did not bring much novel feeling to me.

While walking on the streets of Cologne, though the writing is beyond my understanding, but the convenience brought by the high urbanization offset discomfort a foreigner may feel.

It is from the corners where one should start to explore a city. While on the spot of the city construction, one can always see the heart of the city encircled by its prosperity and hustle and bustle. Here in Cologne the sky is usually gray after winter came; the rain is so light that it hardly wet passengers’ clothes, so that most of the passengers also don’t even bother to symbolically hold up their umbrellas. There are still a few days free before the exhibition, so a party of 3 wandered in the streets.

Accidently, we passed by a construction site of a citizen’s house. In my memory construction sites were the assembly point of noise, dust, trash and hard labor. But in here you can hardly hear noise or see dust, workers worked smoothly and there seemed to have no noise arisen from the rework caused by operation mistakes. There is no trace of anxiety on people’s faces and everything appeared to be so quiet. My companion said they were so graceful.

When we arrived at the exhibition site in Cologne, the construction environment was exactly like what we saw on the street; people work with ease and even had time to cook coffee. It seemed that the well-build foreign workers did not have a chance to use hammers or cutters etc., which made me feel uncomfortable; you will never find this scenario in China, however, our arrival should be able to break this quietness.

Due to the language barrier, I did not have much verbal communication with the workers onsite but more with smiles and eye contact. Whenever there were some problems and we tried to seek for help, they would put down their work on-hand without any hesitation, which touched me deeply.

Germany’s high industrialization brings about not only the convenience of living but also the efficiency of work and the reduction of costs; at the same time it also affects local people’s engagement to works, emotion and life style. In general public’s opinion, industrialization has been narrowly defined as the development of industry; however, the development of industry is in no circumstances isolated, it’s benefits lie not only in material, but it affects the local culture and enriches the moral of the society.

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