Three Square Meters

Time: 2012. 11. 31

Place: Foshan Shishan University Town

People: Xu Gang, Mr. Zhan, Chen Xingyu, Xu Kaixin

What is the residence mode like in the future? Is it possible to live a settled life in space of three square meters? Living in extreme space by the means of making use of modularization and informatization is under trial, which is also an exploration of the regeneration ability of consumed energy. 

Nowadays, pragmatism has become the mainstream, so people distain to do worthless things and all the ideals, fancies, dreams and fantasies are defeated by pragmatism. As a design institute, it is deemed as crazy to take action for a whim and put a great quantity of energies and economic resources into it, without material payback, which is also beyond its capability. However, for us, experiment is not unusual for design. Eager to carry it out, it doesn’t matter that one succeeds or fails. This is a procedure of self-learning and self-education. We are honored to get the strong support from the Guangdong Industrial Design Institute. With joint efforts, it is beginning to take shaped and get matured, and the hardships and bewilderment in the course have gradually turned into surprises. After more than three months’ manufacture, we are looking forward to the accomplishment. 

The base point of three square meters is called care. With expanding cities, increasing population and lack of resources, three square meters is an exploration. From the microcosmic viewpoint, it is to live a dignified life in a city at the lowest cost. From the viewpoint of development and application, it is the cell of freedom and flexibility. Due to manufacture industrialization and high efficiency, it can get rid of the traditional mode of the real estate and be manufactured and assembled as an industrialized standard part. Multiple combinations means that three square meters, the architectural cell, if free combined, can form myriad buildings, such as schools, factories and company dormitories, to meet different organizations’ needs. Boldly imaging, as the application deepens, the usage of land and the operation of industry may be changed, from the traditional pattern--investing a large amount of money into buying land and building houses, to a new one--renting land to place houses and turning real estate into toy blocks.

We need dreams as well as trials.

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