Difficult but Happy

Time: 2012.10.28

Place: Dasha Village, Guangzhou

People: Peng Zeng, Chen Xingguang, Mr. Xie

A lot of mechanic processing self-employed households gather in the Dasha Village. Since I passed by this village several times on my way home by bus after my market research, I am aware of this village. The signboards there are much of a muchness--wire-cut, lathe, milling machine processing, Computerized Numerical Control Machine (CNC) and so forth. At those times, inattentively, I was dozing while the bus passed by.

Now I am a frequent visitor here. So long as I have a design to carry out, I would come here asking the craftsman to make a model in advance. So Mr. Xie has become our craft consultant and offered us the guidebook of Dasha village.

“Is this one can be made?”

“Yes, so easy.”

“Is this practical?”

“Yes, of course.”

It seems that everything on his machine tool is so easy.

He is simple, but not ordinary.

A component of odd form, for other craftsmen, is unlikely to be processed by machine tool, while for him it is pleasing to use his wits.

Therefore, difficult or not depends on your interest.

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