Hi, Miss Rong

Project Location:  No.388, Xingang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Element:  Sichuan hot pot snack diner

Building Area:  140 ㎡

Design Brand:  Infinity Mind

Design Period:  July-August, 2017

Construction Period:  August - October, 2017

Material Supply, Furniture & Lighting Design:  BENTU

Photograph:  Cao Haochang

Text:  Liu Jiaqi

In waves of Globalization, the relationship between man and food in China is more fuzzy and complex than ever. Folk food, which is traditionally made by the townsfolk of a region, spreads away following the movement of human migration and no longer maintains the strong regional feature. However, rooted in the city's dual structure under the conflict of social stratum differentiation, these small business ran by ordinary townsfolk is now struggling various living difficulties: incompatible with the development of civilized city, difficult to form economies of scale, the easy-replicated business model, weak survivability......

The current business model in China requires popularity and branding. In such an environment, it's important for small business or traditional business to make improvement, which sticks to innovative experiment, according with contemporary aesthetics and the need of social development. Our contemporary aesthetic experiment started with the typical folk food business —— hot pot snack.

As the most popular traditional folk food, hot pot snack originates from Sichuan and becomes a kind of popular street food around different cities in China. Differs from the typical form of hot pot, everything of hot pot snack is served skewered on wooden sticks and the number of used sticks will be counted to determine the price to pay. With the convenience of street food and traditional taste of hot pot, hot pot snack not only comforts the people who make a living in the city, but also attracts the young people who advocate freedom and frankness. But the hot pot snack diner usually comes with narrow space, high demand for guest capacity and relatively similar business model. How will they develop to be both genial and innovative with distinct characteristic as well as in line with the direction of the development of civilized city?

As a modern hot pot snack diner, "Hi, Miss Rong" Hot Pot Snack Diner is located in an old residential building and covers an area of 140 m2. There are only two kinds of material used in the whole space: white concrete and coloured electroplated stainless steel. Concrete tiles: Character Series are used as main wall decoration and the stainless steel walls divide the space into three dining areas of different atmospheres. The lights, stainless steel walls and wide window alongside the street create a transparent and bright diner all together.

Using a large scale of innovative application to strengthen brand identity as a modern hot pot snack diner, the concrete tiles are designed with the shape of five letters: NHRXJ, which are the initial letters of diner's name in Pinyin. From the sidewalk snack diner to the contemporary aesthetic space, "Hi, Miss Rong" Hot Pot Snack Diner retains the distinct characteristic meets the need of civilized city development.

Innovation is driving the global economic change and development, nobody can stand aside in this transformation. In China, realizing commercial value with innovative designs and bringing aesthetics back to the masses ought to be the responsibilities of every individual as well as the goal that the market should start to pursue .

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