Manhole Cover

Time: 2014. 06. 17

Place: TIT Creative Park, Guangzhou

People: Xu Gang, Liu Jing, Chen Xingyu, Li Wanheng

Working in an office without a restroom, people have to rush to a public toilet, when pressed by a natural necessity. Everyone can see five iron manhole covers on a-hundred-meter’s road everyday.


People may ignore the things seen every day, because they are too common and ordinary. Common and ordinary things are real. If a person can convey a familiar feeling of unfamiliarity through design, he can touch others’ hearts.

You don’t have to rack your brains to design. To keep curious and observant will help you accumulate memories. Those fractions of memories remaining in the cerebral cortex will appear automatically if needed.


I don’t design for the purpose of design itself. I don’t stick to any theories or ideas. Because everything around you will help you design, what you need to do is to accept. 

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