Aluminium and Soil

Time: 2012. 09. 16

Place: Panyu, Guangzhou

People: Xu Gang, Wang Peng, Peng Zeng, Chen Xingguang, Chen Xingyu

Designing and manufacturing a piece of works demand the integration of diverse technologies and the efforts from a team whose members share similar ideas and the same goal. Having tried various methods and dedicated a lot, we gain not only finished works but also apperception and thoughts in research and development. The apperception and thinking may spark inspiration and build the ground for another product. The best ways to innovate design are to comprehend in participation and to gain in performance, which are the principles of Bentu designers.

In the aluminium casting workshop, it is impressive to feel the cooperation of two materials. Soil, intangible, can be made into anything under dexterous fingers, while tangible metal is hard and solid. In casting, their roles exchange. Soft and changeable soil is the material of precise moulds, and hard and tangible metal become flowing and mouldable fluid. Liquid aluminum is poured into sand mould to be cooled.

Compact and smooth sand is placed in order. Liquid aluminium irregularly flows in the mouth of sand casting machine, some converging and some scattering like ink spots. Such irregular beauty warms people’s hands as well as the hearts.

Our biggest harvest of this visit comes from the soil touching us, which should be our next target.

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