The surprises from failure

Time: 2012. 06. 16

Place: Guangzhou University Town

People: Chen Xingguang, Peng Zeng, Peng Zhucai

We tried to add various things to cement, for instance, the color glaze for ceramics and hoped it would blend and create something surprising.

However, there are always many obstacles on the path of exploring new material, surprises and failure often come hand in hand…

We originally thought the glaze would crystallize on the surface of the concrete, and exhibit as vivid, clear, and thick layer. The first experiment failed because the glaze showed little color. Instead, it "melted" together with the cement, and unable to form this glossy and thick layer. We tried various solutions – at a different ratio, components, and medium, and had many attempts, but could not command the relationship between cement and glaze.


Although this may seem like a failure from the perspective of the experiment, what we have gained in this process was valuable. It offered a sense of vicissitude. Although something may be deformed, yet its motley patters may be mesmerizing. The grainy cement with marks left from burning seemed warm and grounding, the exposed glaze in one's hands makes a crystal sound that echoes in one's heart.

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