XUAN / 2020

Pendant Lamp · XUAN

Material: Concrete, Aluminum, Demolition Leftover Concrete

Size: Ø197×H236.5 mm

Weight: 0.9 kg

Cord: Black, 3 m

Light Source: E14 LED

Colour Temperature: 2800-3000 K

Wattage: 3 W

Voltage: 220 V

Accessory Colour: Black

From simple form to delicate outline, from free texture to decorative surface, which are the product of the designer's feeling and thinking about the world.

The integrated casting can present the delicate aesthetic feeling of the chandelier. Through continuously research the process and trial, the thinnest part of the chandelier body is only 4mm, which can realize the lightweight concrete chandelier with high strength at the same time.

The hole texture and natural texture of bare concrete, integrates the feeling and thinking of the reconstruction form.

Adhere to the pursuit for being natural and pure, the smoother the mold material is, the higher the precision of the joint is, thus the concrete will be more delicate and pure.

The tone and texture of bare concrete is pure and rich, simple and diversified, and is made half artificially, half naturally.

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