X10 / 2018

Wireless Charge · X10 

Material: cement, concrete construction waste, daily ceramic slag, stone trimmings

Size: 91×91×10 mm

Weight: 210 kg

Color: white / orange / blue / green

Charging power: 5 / 7.5 / 10 W

Input parameters: 5V=2A / 9V=1.6A

Input connector: TYPE-C

Cable length: 950 mm

Terrazzo Wireless Charger X10 is made of concrete mixed with recycled ceramic particles, cement product waste, quartzite and other aggregates, using environmentally friendly recycled and natural materials in an attempt to break through the electronics industry's long-standing reliance on plastic and other chemical materials.

The random aesthetics of the product make each X10 unique, and the natural quartzite, marble and other aggregates inject the warmth and sensuality of natural artifacts into the rational, restrained digital age.

Right now, the new wave of retro aesthetics under modern style and decorative genre returns again. Following the traditional terrazzo production process, one piece out of the mold to get a hard all-in-one terrazzo shell, the appearance of lines rounded and full, the surface texture is delicate and smooth. After hundreds of proportioning experiments, the final presentation of young and dynamic color matching, a change from the old retro charm, redefine the popular style of modern terrazzo. When not used for charging, it can also be used as a modern space as a delicate decoration.

X10 is free from charging cables in daily use, improving the experience of using electronic products; at the end of its service life, the internal circuit board components can be recycled by simply shattering the terrazzo shell. x10 from the product body, auxiliary accessories, to the fully recycled paper packaging, to minimize the use of chemical materials, compared to the non-degradable nature of chemical materials such as plastic and the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental pollution caused Concrete and natural stone can be naturally weathered in the environment, harmless and non-polluting.

Looking back at the development of the 21st century to date, China as the world's largest manufacturing country continues to occupy the top spot in global electronics exports. Yet from China, it eventually returns to China. Each year, the world produces about 20 to 50 million tons of electronic waste, with as much as 70 percent being dumped into China. A large amount of this hard-to-degrade plastic is disposed of in landfills and incinerators, exacerbating "white pollution," harming the ecological environment and affecting human and animal health.

In the midst of social reality and commercial interests, we return to the material itself, trying to use a familiar material to change the perverse cycle of this pillar industry of the digital age, and the unsustainable cycle of material utilization and recycling in the industry chain. Under the shackles of reality, we try our best to develop a future-oriented technology prototype, leaving room for the existing environment as much as possible.

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