WU / 2015

Urban Furniture · WU

Material: Concrete, Demolition Leftover Concrete, Powder Coated Steel

Size: 450x450xH500 mm

Weight: 84 kg

Wu is one of the products of the experiment of Urban Furniture System. Urban infrastructure is of marvelous scale, which means if the Urban Furniture System can use more recycled concrete, it will benefit the environment and enhance the aesthetics of urban space. How to solve the transport and assembly  problem of Urban Furniture System? And how to enable the urban furniture appears a sense of sculpture in the public space? We have done a lot of experiments: no standing water, modularity, solid and durable, easy to transport and assemble, and sustainability. This is only a beginning, and then there will be the development of a series of products. We just simply want to know that if we can provide our city with pleasure.

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