"CMF Trend LAB_2023" 

March Exhibition Preview

The 51st China National Fair (Guangzhou) will be held once again in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China, from March 18-21 and March 28-31, 2023! Among them, the special exhibition "CMF Trend LAB_2023" will also meet with the industry again.

The curatorial line-up is led by the main curator Mr. Yang Mingjie, together with Mr. Xu Gang and Ms. Huang Xiaojing. In addition, for the first time, the team includes Mr. Zheng Zheng, a curator with a background in spatial design, and Ms. Monika Haag, the first international curator.

At the press conference, the four super curatorial units of the special exhibition "CMF Trend LAB_2023" were announced for the first time - "Digital Existentialism", "Poetry in Vicinity", "Emotional Show" and "IT Bonding".

Exhibition Period 

Phase I - March 18-21, 2023

Phase II - March 28-31, 2023

Exhibition Venue 

Phase I - Guangzhou Pazhou - Canton Fair Complex, Zone A - 4.1 Design Hall A40

Phase II - Guangzhou Pazhou - Canton Fair Complex Area C - Hall 16.3 C08

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